12 Jul


Leigh has been telling me about the really good meals she put together at Let’s Dish so I decided to join her on Saturday. I was a tad skeptical of the whole thing because I really do like to cook but lately we have not been eating that well because by the time we both get home, play with Hadley, get Hadley fed and do general stuff around the house- dinner is not a priority. I decided last week that dinner needs to be a priority (you know, cheezits are not a food group) and preparing things ahead of time is probably the best way. So, off I went to Let’s Dish with Leigh and I have to say that it was super easy, the ingredients were really fresh, the staff was super nice and the meal we made on Saturday was delicious and healthy. Round two tomorrow- Greek burgers and we still have 7 more things to try! I will definitely be making a return trip. Hopefully, I remember some of the recipes so I can put together things at home.

Today started off with a trip to the Farmer’s Market for fresh green beans and cucumbers (to go with our meal tomorrow), a nice visit with the moms and babies from my mom’s group and Kerry and I attending the Washington Kastle’s tennis match. It is always nice to see the girls from my mom’s group and the babies have all grown so much in the last month. Hadley was fascinated with the other babies and it was nice to hear the other mom’s talk about what their kiddos are doing (or not doing). Hadley and I were the first to leave because we had to get home to make it to the tennis match (and leave Hadley with the babysitter). The tennis court is on the parking lot that used to be the convention center and it was definitely cool to watch tennis among the office building. The Kastle’s won the match and I think we will get tickets again next summer. Here is a picture before the crowds arrived


And, we saw Mayor Fenty with his two boys.


Kerry enjoying the match.


Hadley stayed home with Ali the babysitter and she had fun too. Ali told us how she blew bubbles with her drool, played in her exersaucer and babbled on and on. Ali even promised to come back whenever we needed her because Hadley was so good.

Hadley is now 17 weeks old and is doing more fun things everyday! We go back to the doctor in 10 days for her 4 month checkup and shots and to see if the doctor wants us to start her on some solid food. If the doctor gives the okay, I have my baby cookbook all ready to make her food.

Well, back to work tomorrow and hope everyone has had a nice weekend!

One Response to “Sunday”

  1. Dr. Blondie July 12, 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    Isn’t Let’s Dish great? I’ve only been twice, but I’ve had very good experiences each time.

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