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Red, white and drool

4 Jul

This is how Kerry described Hadley this morning- red and white outfit plus her face, front of her onesie and both hands covered in drool. Still teething over here.

Since Hadley does not like thunder and lightening we decided against going to see fireworks (plus, it is way past her bedtime) and opted for a semi-quiet weekend. We were in Annapolis for part of the day and since Mom so nicely offered to watch Hadley, we got to go see the new Transformers movie. While we were at the movie, Hadley got to meet some of the neighbors and impressed everyone with her cooing and noise making ability. It would be nice to know what she is trying to communicate in this very animated one-sided discussion.




Many people that we know who have kids older than Hadley keep telling us that one of the greatest moments is when they start sleeping 10-12 hours straight through the night. Hadley is slowing moving towards that mark but the two of us have yet to make it through the night without waking up in a panic that we have missed hearing her, she has gotten stuck on her stomach or the common, ‘oh my god has she stopped breathing’ scenario. Of course, when we go to check on her- she is sound asleep and perfectly sound. She has started scooting around her crib and will often end up in a corner- unable to figure out what to do next. This morning I looked on the monitor and all I saw was the lower half of her body in the upper part of the screen.

Tomorrow might be the big first adventure to the pool. If it happens, we will be sure to post photos. Hope everyone has a wonderful and happy 4th of July!