Sunday, part one

28 Jun

hadley0624We have had a pretty quiet weekend because Hadley’s teeth are starting to make her cranky. We had to postpone our ‘date night’ because we did not want to expose the babysitter to the cranky, jaw-pulling, intermittently screaming bundle of joy that is at our house. We were afraid she (the babysitter) would not ever want to come back. So, we ordered food (pizza for Kerry, sushi for me) and had a quiet evening at home. Hadley is feeling much better today and just in time to meet a bunch of relatives. Several cousins (two or three times removed), a great aunt and great uncle plus Grandmom are coming for lunch. We will be sure to post pictures.

Hadley has been enjoying the Bumbo seat at daycare so I picked up one this weekend. Unlike most baby products- this thing is not plastic but is a foam seat that allows her to sit up better. She loves it when we hold her up in a sitting position so this seat is great.


As we start her 15th week- she is getting bigger, making a lot more noises, we can see her two bottom teeth, she is in 3-6 month clothes, she is trying so hard to sit up and overall is really healthy and happy.



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