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Random thoughts on a Tuesday

23 Jun

I find it funny that people are searching terms like, baby ear pulling, screeching baby ear pressure and baby eye color and landing on our site. I wonder if they are finding useful information? My post about baby eye color has gotten viewed 814 times so far. I guess this is a popular topic out in internet land.

Kerry and I were not on Metro last night. Both of us drive to work and if we did use Metro we would not be on that part of the Red Line. Thank you to everyone who emailed and called to make sure we were okay. It is a very, very sad story and I was thankful to learn that none of my friends or co-workers who do travel the Red Line were on those trains. I am not a big fan of public transportation and have had my own interesting experiences on Metro. I have been on a broken down train in a tunnel in the darkness for 20 minutes, I have seen a few fist fights, dealt with broken escalators, been forced to listen to the man who reads from the bible and witnessed a homeless man try to light a cigarette but almost light himself and a bottle of Jim Beam on fire at the same time. None of these events have ever stopped me from riding Metro but they have added to my dislike for public transportation. I could use the Metro to get to work everyday but sadly, it is quicker to drive. And, in my car- I control the noise.

Hadley turned three months old yesterday. As I was getting her a bottle at 4am this morning- a bottle that she then decided she was not interested in and decided it was much more enjoyable to just fall back to asleep- but wait I will get to that in a minute. As I was letting the bottle heat up in a cup of hot water, Hadley started this very distinct cry she makes when she is hungry. It is not a real cry (no tears involved) and it borders on more of a whine. In my head I feel like she is saying, ‘Hello, I am soooooooooooooooo hungry. Hello? Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Now. Now. Now.’ And, then it will stop for a few seconds and every time I think she knows I am going to feed her so she won’t start up the noise again and every time I am wrong. It starts full force. I AM SO HUNGRY AND I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO FORGET TO FEED ME. HELLO? DO YOU SEE AND HEAR ME OVER HERE? I AM HUNGRY. HUNGRY. HUNGRY. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW. DON’T FORGET TO FEED ME BECAUSE I AM SO HUNGRY. HUNGRY. MOM. SERIOUSLY FEED ME. NOW. As soon as she sees the bottle, she returns to her happy self (I know she is secretly saying, “I am so glad she did not forget this time,”) and eagerly starts attacking the bottle. However, this morning she took a few gulps and pushed it away. She let out a few giggles, then stretched her arms out behind her head and closed her eyes. I was then sitting in our living room with an almost full bottle and a sound asleep baby. I guess she was concerned that we had gotten too comfortable with her sleeping longer hours and wanted to make sure that she could still awake us from our peaceful slumber. As I carried her back to her room- I let her know that we would never forget to feed her and she could wake us up anytime she needed anything.

Technically, we did not feed her one time. It was more of a miscommunication then a total forgetting. She was only a few weeks old and Kerry had gotten up to feed her around 2am- this is the point in the story that becomes unclear about what exactly happened. Either he dreamed I told him that I had fed her 30 minutes earlier or I said that to him in my utter exhaustion. We are not sure what event actually happened so he went into her room thinking she just needed some attention, rocked her and rubbed her head until she fell back asleep. About two hours later, she woke up screaming and this is when we discovered that she had not been fed since 10pm the night before. All was well after feeding her a bottle and hopefully this incident is not the reason behind the frantic hunger cry.

Kerry had the pleasure of dropping Hadley off at the sitter’s house yesterday and got to see the big smile come across her face when she gets there. He usually picks her up and gets the same big smile in the afternoon but has never witnessed her glee in the morning. He called and said, “It would be nice if she would at least wait until I leave to get so happy.’ We are happy that she is happy to see her sitter.

Okay, no more random thoughts for the day. Happy Tuesday.