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Father's Day and Anniversary, Part Deux

21 Jun


We decided to have a low-key Sunday to celebrate both things today so we ended up in Old Town Alexandria and went to the Waterfront Festival. The clouds ended up rolling out and it turned into a beautiful day! The only disappointment of the day was the Waterfront Festival. Neither one of us could figure out what all the hype was about. There were people selling random things, some rides for kids and a few guys trying to convince us to install new windows in our house. We walked around a little while and the coolest part was the tall ship from Philadelphia. The Gazela was a fishing ship for many years but now travels up and down the eastern seaboard with an all-volunteer crew. The crew was super nice and we got to see them rigging up the sails. We both think it would be pretty cool to sail on one for a few days.


Since we were in Old Town and did not want to eat at the festival- we went to one of our favorite restaurants and grabbed a late lunch. So, it was a great Father’s Day First Anniversary First Day of Summer kind of Sunday!


Hadley is continuing her non-smiling for the camera trend from yesterday. So serious.


Tomorrow it is back to work. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Happy Father's Day!

21 Jun

Happy first Father’s Day to Kerry! And, happy first (grand)Father’s Day to our Dads. Kerry mentioned last night that even though Hadley is only three months old- he can’t quite remember what life was like before she was around. He is a great dad and it has been so fun watching him with Hadley.

We had some photos taken yesterday and here is a little preview: