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Grandmom to the rescue

19 Jun

Hadley’s babysitter needed the day off and both Kerry and I had stuff at work so Mom nicely volunteered to watch Hadley for the day. They had a great time reading books, playing on the activity mat and Hadley even demonstrated her explosive diaper skills. When I got home, Mom had written down the details of the day- everything from eating time, nap time, play time and  the two explosive diapers. Hadley had a great time with Grandmom and we really, really, really appreciate her being able to help us out.

Also, she brought us a gift for our first anniversary. Since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper- she filled a nice card with pretty paper that has pictures of Andrew Jackson on each one. Mr. Jackson and his clones will be going out to dinner with us this weekend. Thanks Mom for the babysitting and the great gift!

Walleye in the house

19 Jun

walleyeThere is an ongoing debate in our house about what is better- ocean fish or lake fish. I am the fan of ocean fish and Kerry always talks about lake fish. His lake fish of choice is Walleye. He has vivid memories of being at his grandparents cabin in Minnesota and eating freshly caught Walleye. I have heard him reference this several times over the last several years so finally I decided to try and find some. There is none to be had in the DC area and after searching Baltimore and Annapolis too- I discovered Walleye Direct. They deliver straight from Minesota to your doorstep and ours arrived fresh today in a cooler. Now, Kerry have even more distinct memories of the way his grandmother cooked the Walleye and how great it tasted. His memories end at how exactly she did this. He knows she dipped it into flour but that is the extent of the instructions I received. After looking at several recipes, we decided on the simple flour, salt and pepper version and this ocean fish fan must agree with Kerry- it was delicious. Luckily, after eating two big fillets, we have four more fillets tucked into our freezer.

To update a post from earlier this week- Hadley definitely is getting some teeth. Besides the very distinct white spots, she is drooling constantly, tugging on her mouth and will chew on anything. Fun times. Otherwise, she is doing great and getting bigger everyday. She is finally in the clothes that correspond with her age. Here she is modeling her very cute duck pajamas:


Of course, have to include other cute pictures.



Big weekend ahead for us- family photos tomorrow, dinner with friends, anniversary, trip to the waterfront festival and Kerry’s first Father’s Day!