Yup, it was my birthday

13 Jun

toreyandhadley0612Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day! From the beautiful flowers delivered to my office by Kerry to meeting up with a few friends to the great new books and flowers from Dad and Kathy to my fabulous new shoes from Mom to the great perfume from Leigh and to the beautiful necklace, body lotion, running shoes and perfume from Kerry and Hadley. I was totally spoiled. Hadley was even nice enough to sleep until 6:30am today. She still does not get the whole weekend thing.


And in a continuation of a story earlier this week- Kerry got to go to the Social Security office in an attempt to get Hadley’s Social Security number. Well, he witnessed government ridiculousness at its finest- the official DC birth certificate with the raised seal that I waited for is not acceptable because they need some ‘form’ from DC. What? This is must be a pretty official ‘form’ if it trumps the birth certificate and now we have to wait for Social Security to send it to DC and DC to send it back. Whatever. At the rate we are going, Hadley might have a Social Security card by the time she is entering kindergarten. But, we did find out where the problem originated- Sibley updated some ‘system’ around the time she was born and that delayed DC being notified of her birth until June 2nd. Coming full circle- DC was notified on June 2nd and they may have notified Social Security but usually it is done in a monthly batch and no one could tell me when this gets done. So, the right answer was, ‘Maybe.’

Hadley was born with dark brown hair and a few weeks ago our friend Rebecca thought it was getting a reddish tint. I assured her that it was still dark brown and that it was just the photo. Well, Rebecca was right! Hadley’s hair is getting an auburn tint AND it seems to be getting some little curls. She still has the baby mullet but it is getting thicker all over.

hadley061109-1Last year at this time, Kerry and I were packing our bags for Sanibel to go get married. Next Sunday will be our one year anniversary. It really has been a great year!

One Response to “Yup, it was my birthday”

  1. Dr. Blondie June 14, 2009 at 3:21 pm #

    Glad to hear that you had a great birthday! And yay for reddish tints in Hadley’s hair! We can’t wait to see you all next weekend. We can reminisce about all of our fun in Sanibel one year ago.

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