Total slacker

4 Jun

I have been a total blogging slacker. My excuse- I am back at work and there is actually work to be done. I promise to post pictures tonight. Hadley is doing great with the babysitter and we are slowly perfecting our morning getting out of the house routine. Something that use to be done in 40 minutes now takes about 90 minutes. No lie. And, there is no more casually watching TV, making coffee or checking email before work. Those 90 minutes are all used up with getting myself showered and dressed, Hadley fed and dressed, getting bottles together, breakfast made, double checking that bags are packed, playing with Hadley  and just making sure things are done. Then it is off to work. So, that is my excuse for no updates this week.

Hadley seems to be enjoying herself. The very, very nice woman who is watching her has curly hair and Hadley reaches out for her curls. I think she is secretly thinking, ‘oh, look- lots of new, fun hair to pull.’

So, stay tuned.

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