Look at me

31 May

standinghadLook at me, I can totally stand up. Obviously with a little help but Hadley is getting really strong and loves when we hold her up like this. And, just for the record- she totally balances on her left foot.

Our Friday trend now is we say, ‘let’s have a nice quiet relaxing weekend, ok?’ and then Saturday morning arrives. This weekend was no different. We had a nice, quiet Friday evening- watched a movie, went to bed early and Hadley slept all the way through the night. Saturday started with a long walk, then a trip to Annapolis, a great lunch at the Greek Festival, Kerry and I finally seeing a movie (Angels & Demons was very good), Hadley hanging out with Grandmom and friends and then running a bunch of errands today. Not such a quiet weekend but it was nice.

Hadley was fascinated with the music and people at the Greek Festival.


Ever since Kerry and I started dating, we would go to the movies almost every Friday night. We even went the Friday night before Hadley was born. And, yesterday was the first time we had been to the movies since that Friday night! Mom volunteered to babysit (and we have been told by our friends who have kids to never, ever, ever turn down babysitting). Hadley had a great time with Grandmom and we hear that she entertained several of her friends as well. When we got back from the movies- Hadley was sound asleep.


And, tomorrow is my big return to work day. Wish me luck!

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