A drive out of town

24 May

For two people and a little person who had no weekend plans- we sure have kept busy. Yesterday, we went out to Lovettsville, Virginia with Jorge and Gina. An old co-worker (and friend) of Gina’s opened a winery on their 16-acre farm and they just celebrated their one year of being in business. The winery and vineyard is named Hiddencroft and the property is beautiful! We had a great time hearing about their first year in business, seeing all the equipment, leaning about barrels and grapes, hearing about the awards they have won for their wine and just the general business of a vineyard. Also, they had some funny stories about some of the winery tour buses the come through on the weekends. We did not get to see any of the tour groups but we did enjoy the blue skies and their big front porch. They are self-taught wine makers and all of us agreed that they definitely know how to make good wine. Did you know that it takes 2 1/2 tons of grapes to make one barrel of wine? And, that one barrel is 59 gallons (that is 24 cases of wine or about 1,100 glasses). Not only do they grow a bunch of different grapes but they have apples and cherries, too. Hadley made friends with the vineyard cat- I think the cat was impressed that Hadley was smaller than him. Of course, by the time we remembered to pull out the camera- she was sound asleep.



After a very short visit to the outlets- we headed back to Jorge and Gina’s and had a cookout. If you want to enjoy a nice Virginia vineyard- pack up a picnic and head to Hiddencroft. You won’t be disappointed!

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