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The hip is fixed

20 May

Kerry had surgery today at Reston Hospital to repair his torn labrum and hip impingement. Basically, rotator cuff surgery on the hip. Oh, and the same surgery that A-Rod and Kurt Warner had this year. We left the house at 7:30, got there at 8:15, registered, got taken back to get prepped at 8:30, surgery started at 10:30, doctor was giving me the update at 12:15, I got to go see him at 12:45 and we were leaving at 2pm. Kerry is moving around really well- just a little slower than normal. The doctor said that in about six weeks he will be back to running, biking and golf.

Hadley spent the day with Mom and Carol and was the perfect baby. The official report is that she never fussed, was fascinated with their jewelry, ate when she was supposed to, bounced in her seat, played on her mat and made a bunch of noises. I think they must have worn her out because she has slept most of the time since we have been home.

No pictures today. I am exhausted and too lazy to reach for the camera. More later.