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The first babysitter

18 May


Kerry and I hired our first babysitter on Friday night. Hadley was immediately fascinated by her hair and we easily left the house without her noticing. We had told Julie that she would probably just fall asleep and she would have a pretty quiet evening. Kerry and I had a great dinner at The Daily Grill in Georgetown and then went to a friend’s graduation party. Of course, we called Julie to check-in and we were informed that she was being great but was wide awake. The two of them were enjoying a movie and Hadley had already trained Julie to keep putting her pacifier back even after multiple times of Hadley dropping it, tossing it and letting it fall out of her mouth. When we got home, she was still awake but had never fussed. Our new babysitter assured us that she definitely wanted to come back because Hadley had been so good. Since all of us had a late night, we slept in on Saturday morning. I did not get out of bed until 10:45. I cannot remember the last time I slept that late but it was nice. We were pretty lazy for the rest of the weekend- we grilled out, watched some movies, walked the neighborhood, went to the Farmer’s Market and did some shopping.

Kerry is getting his hip fixed on Wednesday so while we are at the hospital, Hadley will be spending the day with Mom. We are hoping she is as good for Mom as she was for Julie on Friday night. I keep assuring Mom that as long as she is fed on her timetable and held- all is well in Hadley-land.

Hadley was 8 weeks old yesterday and later this week she will be getting her first round of vaccines. I am hoping that Kerry and I are more traumatized by the whole experience than Hadley. We know she is at least 11 pounds but it will be nice to get her official height and weight on there much more accurate scale. She has definitely gotten bigger and I am getting the arm muscles to prove it.

And, finally- here is a picture where Hadley favors her right hand. I promised to post one. I think the caption for this should be, ‘wow, that was a rough day.’