Wonderful Wednesday Weather in Washington

13 May

warmemIt was beautiful in DC today! Hadley and I met Kerry at work, went to dinner and took a walk to enjoy the nice weather. Before we left the office, Hadley got to meet some of my old co-workers and she was passed around and ooh-ed and aah-ed over for a good hour. In Hadley style, she fell asleep from all the attention.


But, as she got out into the fresh air she became much more alert and enjoyed her walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the World War II Memorial and back to Kerry’s office.


Now, notice the two different outfits from the above two pictures. Well, Hadley needed to be changed so I was changing her and Kerry was protesting the way I wanted to take the dirty diaper off and immediately put the clean one under her so as he was giving his ‘opinion’ and delaying handing me the clean diaper- Hadley emptied her bladder onto the changing pad, her blanket, her shirt and her socks. This was what I was trying to avoid because several times in the last few days the exact thing has happened to me. His argument was that it had not happened to him lately. So, in front of the Lincoln Memorial- with the band playing in the background and all the tourists around- Hadley got completely changed into a new outfit and she was not phased at all. Of course, as we were both laughing, I got in the ‘I told you so.’

Other Hadley moments of the week- Leigh gave Kerry the book, ‘Hello Smokey’ for Christmas and he has enjoyed reading it to Hadley. Kerry has added his own edits to the story because Tennessee ‘beats’ Colorado State in the football game.


In what we think is just a fluke, she managed to roll herself over in her sleep last night. The result was a frantic high pitched squeal over the monitor that jolted us both from a sound sleep. I guess I would have been a little frantic to if I had woken up on my face for the first time ever. Amazingly, she managed to do this move completely swaddled up.

And, we are getting daily smiles. It is pretty darn cute.


One Response to “Wonderful Wednesday Weather in Washington”

  1. Dr. Blondie May 14, 2009 at 11:46 am #

    Torey, Hadley’s hair looks like it has a bit of a reddish tint – does it?

    Love the pics, especially the one of her smiling. I can’t decide who she looks like most.

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