Rain, rain go away

7 May

One of the benefits of having a baby born in the spring months is supposed to be that you are able to get out of the house while the weather is mild. Well, not so much lately. First it was 90 degrees and way too hot to be out walking the neighborhood and now we are on day 6 of rain. Yuck and it makes for a little bit of stir-craziness. I did escape the house this morning for a long walk- the whole time hoping that the dark, gloomy clouds above me would not start to dump rain on the two of us. We managed to avoid the rain and enjoy a nice 4 mile walk. Otherwise, we have run errands all week to get out of the house. Hadley is becoming a pro at shopping and I think Target might be her favorite. We are both hoping that the weather improves so we can enjoy more time out of the house.

I have discovered that Hadley can me mesmerized for hours with a simple mirror. Forget all the other toys- a simple mirror is the best. She grunts, giggles and snorts at herself. It is pretty funny to watch and if my camera recorded sound I would post a video but without the sound it is not as funny. But, other funny things- when my Dad and Kathy were visiting, we were going to Chinatown so we parked in the garage at my office. Well, Hadley needed to be changed and the closest, flattest surface that was not the floor of the garage was the trunk of my car. Of course, my Dad caught it all on film for her baby book and emailed it to be yesterday. And, there have been other times in the last few weeks that we have utilized the trunk for this purpose. Hmmm, might  need to re-think the need for a SUV.


Hadley’s sleeping position makes both of us laugh. We have started calling it her zombie pose.

zombieSo, hoping the rain goes away this weekend!

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