Weekend recap

3 May

Al arrived on Thursday for a long weekend visit and Hadley decided to make liars out of us while he was here. We had warned him about her bathtime antics and he was prepared for the screaming. Well, we put her in the tub and she acted like it was the greatest thing ever. Not a scream, shaking chin or cry during the bath. I guess she has finally decided that it is not such a bad thing to be clean. And, she has extended her night time sleeping and that is something Kerry and I appreciate.


We had a great time with Al and got to take him to some of our favorite sites (even with all the rain)- Mount Vernon, downtown,  Arlington Cemetery and Five Guys. Kerry and Al squeezed in a Nats game on Friday night too. Saturday morning, Hadley, Mom and I went to the Flower Mart at the National Cathedral while the boys went to the movie. After all that, we are now enjoying some couch time now.

We have been taking a lot of photos of Hadley and I noticed that most of them are her sleeping so now I am making an effort to get more of her while she is wide awake. Can you believe she is six weeks old today? Time has flown by and she is getting bigger. Our unofficial weight measurement (Kerry holding her on the scale and then subtracting his current weight) puts her around 10 1/2 pounds. She is doing great- healthy, happy and making lots of noises

Kerry tried to steal her pacifier while we were out today. And, as you can see- she still has a ton of hair. People who saw her when she was first born kept telling us that her hair would fall out but it seems to be sticking around. It is even getting a little longer (still has a mullet in the back) all over. Leigh is happy that she has a few blonde patches and is hoping it all goes that color direction.

pacifierHope everyone has a great weekend!

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