Happy Birthday Kerry!

1 May

Kerry turns the big 3-7 today and firmly believes that the entire month is ‘his month.’ He does share his birthday and ‘his month’ with his Dad and thinks it is pretty cool now but as a kid it was hard because only half the presents were for him. I made yummy strawberry cupcakes (no pictures because the camera is in the car and for me to run down to the car I would have to move Hadley and she is way to comfy now on my lap so you just need to use your imagination) for the big celebration. Also, Kerry’s friend Al came into town for a long weekend. Currently, Al lives in Germany but was at Fort Benning for a training and got to extend his stay to see his parents, be in his brother’s wedding and come see us!

So, back to Kerry’s birthday- it was a sort of technology themed birthday gift kind of event. He got a GPS since we were one of the last people in country that did not have one. And, he got a heart rate monitor for running and biking. Also, in the non-technology category- I found a map that shows the rivers of the U.S. in the 1700s and a vintage map of Minnesota.

Now, fun facts about 1972:

The Godfather won Best Picture

-Mandatory inspection of airline luggage began.

-The first cellular phone was developed.


-Apollo 17 landed on the moon.

-The first women competed in the Boston Marathon

-Average cost of a gallon of gas was 55 cents.

-HBO launched as the first subscription cable service.

-Atari released PONG.

Happy, happy birthday! Looking forward to many, many more!

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