Congrats to Mom!

24 Apr

Last night was the ‘Teacher of the Year’ dinner and Leigh and I got to attend the dinner with Mom. She did not win the top prize but it was still fun to see her recognized for all her years of hard work , dedication and teaching kids to love art. Before the diner she was at school matting artwork for a show next week. There were over 600 people at the dinner and we got to see many of mom’s co-workers and some of our old teachers. My elementary gym teacher is still teaching at the school I attended and she can still hula hoop! Leigh and I both have vivid memories of her showing us all how to hula hoop and being able to out last every kid in the class. Also, she allowed us to play dodge ball and I don’t think that is part of the ‘gym curriculum’ anymore. I even ran into a friend from Annapolis- coincidently, his mom was one of the nominees too so we promised to cheer for the competitors. We heard such nice stories about all the nominees and I am sure it was hard to pick just one winner. Congrats again to Mom and all the other Teacher’s of the Year nominees (especially Mrs. Crawford).

Kerry and Hadley stayed home and got caught up on TV. Well, Kerry got caught up on TV and Hadley enjoyed her pacifier and flailing her arms around. I am convinced she does watch the TV a little but I think the arm flailing and pacifier are much more entertaining. We have a busy weekend planned and looking forward to the beautiful weather!

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