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Busy, busy week

19 Apr

Dad and Kathy arrived this week to see Hadley- and assured us they were here to see us too but we were okay with her being the main attraction. They both had fun getting to know her and holding her and pushing her around town. Hadley had two additional people to fetch her pacifier that she has learned to launch out of her mouth. Somehow, Kerry and I were still the ones doing the 3am feeding 🙂


Leigh took us to the Butterfly Conservatory at the National History Museum. Leigh, Mom and I had been to the huge one near Niagara Falls and while the one in DC is much, much smaller- it was still nice to see and all of us enjoyed the 85 degree temperature inside. Hadley slept through most of the excursion to the Natural History Museum, National Gallery of Art and a late lunch (but we all benefited from the stroller storage when it warmed up and we could stash our coats).hadleyatmuseum

The weather was beautiful on Saturday (sunny, no clouds, mid-70s for you out-of-town readers) and we took a trip to the Old Town Farmers Market and Mount Vernon. Kerry and I are now official year-long members and are looking forward to taking Erin, Cory and Elliott on the boat cruise.


After all this fresh air, activity and bumpy stroller riding -Hadley was exhausted.

hadley0418Dad and Kathy returned to Annapolis today and will begin their trip to Vermont on Tuesday. Thanks for the visit- and for several lunches, dinners and a very cute clothes, hat, blanket, dress and several new books for Hadley.

shadishowerToday, I went to a double baby shower for my friend Shadi and her sister. They are both having boys and they are due dates are two days apart. At my shower, I got a box of essential items that I never knew I would have needed from a friend who had a baby the month before so I put together a similar package of new baby essentials for this shower. Me and my 4-weeks of baby expertise will hopefully help out Shadi and Adam the same way Sandy and Adam helped us out! Yep, that is right- Hadley is 4 weeks old today and is doing great. While I was at the party, Kerry and Hadley had a low-key afternoon and I missed Kerry mastering holding Hadley and vacuuming at the same time. Who knew that the sound of the vacuum could put a baby right to sleep?

So, after a busy, busy week- we are going to have a quiet one this week.