Hoppy Easter

12 Apr

hadley041209Hadley’s Easter hat is compliments of Aunt Leigh. Of course, I think an kids apparel that includes ears is adorable. Hadley’s Easter involved a trip to Lowe’s with Dad, lunch with Grandmom and the rest of the day spent watching the Masters.

My Easter was a tad more traditional- Mom and I went to church at Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria. I realized in the drive to church that I have officially become one of those people who goes to church on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday (aka ‘Chreasters’ or ‘C&E’s’) and sometimes I have been known to go on Mother’s Day. It has not always been this way- growing up, Mom took us to church almost every Sunday and I even went to an Episcopal high school that required church once a week and religion class as part of the curriculum. In college, I never went to church but did take a class that looked at the Bible as history and it was one of my favorite classes during college. I had friends that regularly went to church and joined groups that were religious based but when I was asked to join them, I always said that ‘I had done my time.’ I don’t have bad memories of church or religion (well, besides being made to leave the house pre-9am on Sunday mornings and my mom being a firm believer in ‘dressing for church,’ so I was never allowed to wear pants or jeans or anything casual) but I just lost interest for a multitude of reasons. Partially I blame Sunday Morning on CBS since during college was when I became an avid fan of the morning news program that starts a 9am and partially I was not sure how I felt about organized religion. Now, I am in my thirties and I still don’t know how I feel about it but my Sunday routine still includes Sunday Morning and pancakes. Kerry and I were married by a minister but I never even asked his denomination and considering he married us beside a pool at a beach in Florida, I assume he was not too concerned about our Biblical knowledge or church attendance.

A few months ago, Kerry and I discussed what we were going to do with Hadley. Was she going to be baptized? Did we need to find a church? Would she go to religious pre-school or Sunday school? What were we going to do as parents about her introduction to religion? If we decided to do anything, would she be Lutheran like Kerry or Episcopal like me or something completely different? Would Hadley become a ‘Chreaster’ too? My only input into the discussion besides “I don’t know’ was that I did not like churches with rock bands. I like traditional services with traditional music and services that only last an hour. Hadley is now three weeks old and we are no closer to making a decision. The church service today was nice and it was nice to see the kids searching for Easter eggs before the service. I still know all the pieces of the service and can recite the prayers from memory. Of course, I noticed that this church did not have a pre-school and had to banish the thoughts out of my head about joining a church with a pre-school because that helps in the great waiting list game in this area about getting your child into pre-school but that is a ridiculously sad post for another day about the things people do and how Hadley is ALREADY on a waiting list for pre-school and has been since September 2008.  Whew.

Not sure how this turned into a religion post. So readers, let us know what we should do. On other news, Hadley does open her eyes and does not sleep all the time. Here is the evidence.

hadley0409And here is us blogging. Or me blogging and Hadley sleeping.

toreyandhadley04121Happy Easter everyone!

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