Photo Preview

8 Apr

We had a photographer come to the house on Saturday to get some newborn pictures of Hadley and she posted three pictures on her blog today. Here is the preview:




We are looking forward  to seeing the rest of the photos! And, folks- we finally have a belly button. Hadley’s umbilical cord scab finally fell off. It has been hanging by a thin piece for days and has taken all my will power not to pull the gross scab thing off. It fell off at some point in the night and now she can actually have a real bath. Not sure how the real bath will go over considering the current sponge bath results in high-pitched frantic screams. Hopefully she will enjoy her infant soaking tub.

hadley-0408Dad and Kathy have started their 1,600 mile trek across the country to visit all of us. They are happy to be leaving snowy South Dakota to come visit the sunny and warming up East Coast. They are heading to Annapolis first, then to see us and then on to Vermont before heading back home to South Dakota. We hope they have a great trip and we are looking forward to seeing them next week.

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