Winning the baby lottery

7 Apr

Hadley had her two week check-up on Monday and she is perfectly healthy. She is back up to her birth weight, she has grown 3/4 inch and the jaundice is pretty much gone. As I was waiting to see the doctor- Hadley was sound asleep in the car seat- a mom and dad came into the waiting room with their SCREAMING child. I assumed the kid was young because of the infant car seat but the screaming was so loud that I thought this child must be older than Hadley.It was the panicky, hyper-ventilating cry and it was so LOUD. Both mom and dad looked exhausted (I think I used the term ‘train wreck’ when I was describing the scene to Kerry). Mom was on the verge of tears, Dad had the several day beard going on and they both looked like they had not slept in days. The piercing scream would stop for a few seconds and then start again. Hadley even stirred a few times in her car seat from the noise but she stayed asleep. The parents kept looking at each other and then at their car seat. Of course, I kept looking at Hadley and trying to avoid looking at this poor couple. One of the nurses came out and said, ‘It is a baby day around here. We have two 2 week old appointments here today.’ Well, she had to be talking about Hadley and the screamer because we were the only ones in the waiting room. Instantly, I felt even worse for this couple. I had gotten to shower in the morning, enjoy my coffee, catch up on the morning news, leisurely read a book to Hadley and talk to the bathroom remodel-ers without Hadley crying a bit. She slept away part of the morning and the time she was awake involved her just making funny noises and trying to grab my necklace. We went back to see the doctor and I could still hear the screaming.

Hadley did have her crying moment when she was rudely awoken and stripped down to her diaper but it lasted less than 15 seconds. As I was leaving, I could still here the screaming. At this point, I don’t know how this kid has not worn himself out because it was wearing me out. I wanted to cry for the parents. I kissed Hadley on the head several times and thanked her for being a great baby. After the appointment I called Kerry and we agreed that we won the baby lottery. I don’t know how we won it or how long it will last but we sure appreciate it!


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