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Cherry Blossom Weekend

5 Apr

cherryblossoms1I can drive again! I know, probably not that exciting for you to read about but after two weeks and a great doctor’s check-up- I am allowed behind the wheel again. We are definitely much different drivers with Hadley in the car (not that we were bad drivers before but we are now way more cautious) and Kerry is much quicker to lay on the horn if someone is being a stupid driver.

And, I can wear pre-maternity clothes again! It is so nice to wear pants that have a button and shirts that are not shaped like tents. So long maternity clothes, hello clothes that I have missed so much.

Other big weekend news- we took Hadley out to dinner on Friday night. Dad and Kathy had sent us a gift card for Macaroni Grill and we originally thought we would use it for take-out but we decided to test the dining out waters. Hadley got lots of attention from the wait staff and other patrons but she slept the whole time. Noisy restaurant and everything- Hadley was sound asleep and the two of us enjoyed a nice dinner. Thanks for the great gift!

cherryb3This morning, Kerry was running in the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler so we bundled up Hadley and headed downtown at 6:30am to see the race and the cherry blossoms. Kerry finished the race in 89 minutes! I am impressed since he has a torn labrum (same injury that A-Rod and Kurt Warner are currently recovering from) and will be having surgery in May. There were 12,000+ runners on a perfect Spring morning.


hadley40509After he burned all thoses calories, we headed to the Silver Diner. Hadley made lots of friends as we waited for our table and she was perfect as we enjoyed our breakfast. Then Grandmom, Sandy, Adam and Cooper (Hadley’s future husband) came to visit and now  Kerry and Hadley are both sound asleep from the busy day.

Our final weekend update is that the tile in our master bathroom is all done and tomorrow starts the guest bath. So far it looks great and as we both watched the countless pieces of tile being cut and measured and the 15+ hours it took to finish- we are so happy we hired professionals instead of attempting this project on our own. I will definitely post the before and after photos when it is all done.

Whew- that was a lot to post 🙂