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Hadley's first weekend

29 Mar

Hadley turned a week old today and she has been a great baby so far. Kerry and I are hoping this stays for a while. She is eating every three hours and seems to sleep for most of the time in between. The only crying session we have had was when I tried to put her in a pair of pants yesterday and she had a complete meltdown over the whole experience. Once she was back in her long sleeve t-shirt, socks, diaper and hat she was back to being happy Hadley. Good thing we did not buy a lot of clothes!

Hadley had a busy weekend but she slept through most of it- we went to Target, had visitors, watched lots of basketball and overall had a nice first weekend home with her. Grandmom came to visit on Saturday and made us some yummy food.

momhadley2Kerry tried to get her interested in basketball and golf but she was having no part of it.

hadley15Hadley got her first bath and was a little shocked by the whole event.


hadley12Also, we got the painting back that Mom did for Hadley’s room and it looks great all framed!

paintingHope everyone had a nice weekend!