Kerry's Surprise Baby Shower

18 Mar

Kerry was almost totally surprised today by his co-workers with a baby shower! The surprise was sort of revealed when he had to go to the shipping department in his office building and his co-workers were getting off the elevator with a HUGE PINK cake. But, he was still surprised by the party and the fact that I escaped house arrest and came down to his office.


meandkerryKerry’s co-workers were very generous with gifts and gift cards (we won’t be having to buy our own diapers for a many months!) and it was nice to see some of my old friends.

Here is Vicky (aka the party planner) and Keith (Kerry’s boss):

vickiandkeithVicky has been calling Baby V ‘Agatha’ for months since Kerry would not tell her the names we were considering. So, the cards were all addressed to ‘Baby Aggie’ and she even wrote it on the board. Some of the people at the party were convinced this was our name choice.

agathaWe got some nice story books, the ‘owner’s manual’ and some cute baby things.


shoesWe both have the nicest co-workers! Thanks so much

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