The Office

12 Mar

Here is my current office. Pretty comfy but definitely very quiet.

theofficeSpeaking of the office, my co-workers and boss have been great about my modified bed rest situation. They are  now referring to it as my ‘house arrest,’ too and it has been nice to be able to work from home but to still rely on the peeps at the office to help me out. Then today, the UPS man banged on the door and Kerry and I got a HUGE box. And, another box and rumor of another box arriving tomorrow. My co-workers bought us the City Mini stroller from Baby Jogger and other baby items. Here is the three-wheeled stroller:


citymini2Also, they sent some blankets, bath items and a swaddle me for sleeping. I was so impressed with the gifts and how organized they were! They will be getting a pizza lunch from Kerry and I as our way of saying thank you!

One Response to “The Office”

  1. Dad March 12, 2009 at 4:02 pm #

    You and Kerry are blessed to have the friends you have. The showers, gifts, thoughts and prayers are wonderful.

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