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Comcast update

9 Mar

Long story short about Comcast- they told us they were going to change our bill (a.k.a. lower) in February and when we received our March bill- it had not been done. So, I called customer service and had the pleasure of talking to the same customer service rep I had spoken to in February. Well, according to his ‘notes’ on my account- he had offered to lower our bill but I had refused this offer. Really? I am sure I wanted to keep paying an outrageous amount for my cable. However, he assured me his notes were impeccable and that is what happened. And, he was the ONLY person who could do anything to fix my bill but he was not a supervisor. Really? Really? Really? So after a RIDICULOUS conversation with Jason, I was given a reference number and told a supervisor would call me. Thinking this would not happen- I emailed the very nice woman who wrote me an apology a few months ago about our disconnected service and she called me on Friday but I was at the hospital and Comcast was not a priority. They have fixed my bill and apologized. End of story.

The beginning of home rest

9 Mar

I think this home rest/modified bed rest thing should otherwise be known as house arrest. Today was not so bad- it is beautiful outside so I opened up all the windows, worked from home and visited the doctor. The doctor thinks Baby V has decided to stay put for a few more days so he was happy about that.

Yesterday, Kerry and I almost finished the nursery. We are just missing a mirror above the white cabinet, Mom’s painting for above the dresser and a few other decorations. I guess after our weekend experience it was pretty official that we will be bringing a baby home very soon 🙂


The bookshelf was the perfect place to hang the spy camera.

room1Also, on the agenda this week is to get the carseat installed in the car.

Thanks to everyone who has offered to entertain me, feed me, bring me coloring books and all the nice phone calls! We will keep you posted!