It actually did snow

2 Mar

And it is still snowing. Plus it is getting windy. But I still have to go to work and Kerry gets to stay home. Ugh.




One Response to “It actually did snow”

  1. Dad March 2, 2009 at 12:15 pm #

    Nice pictures and lucky kerry. Having left the DC area close to 7 years ago we have forgotten how pretty DC can look in the snow and how awlful it can be when it snows there.

    We have had about 20 feet so far this winter and here in the Black Hills of Western SD we have about 3 more months of snow to go. We can usually count on July and August being sonw free and we have only had snow in June once since moving here. The June snow came 5 days after we moved into our house here and made we wonder “what have we done”…..

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