Winter Storm Warning and other weekend happenings

1 Mar

DC and the metro area are under a winter storm warning until 2pm tomorrow. We are supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow but so far no flakes, just gray outside. Supposedly we will have 3 inches prior to 8pm tonight. We are waiting.

canphotoKerry thought this was hysterical as we were waiting to start our hospital tour at Sibley. I promised I would post it. (Officially 35 weeks 3 days pregnant today). The hospital tour was very useful and the tour guide gave us some great information BUT there was a couple in our group who could not follow directions. On the hospital website and when I called to book the tour, it was clearly state- ‘this is an adult only tour. We have a siblings tour for couple’s who already have children. This tour is intended for parents to be only.’ The aforementioned couple showed up with their SCREAMING, out of control three year old and thought we would all appreciate ‘seeing what we had in store.’ The mom really said that. Are you kidding me? The tour guide was annoyed, the other people were annoyed, the nurses on the floors we visited were annoyed and this couple was completely oblivious to everyone else. I am positive they did not hear anything the tour guide said because they were having to stop her from running down the labor and delivery floor, find the pear she threw, answer her questions, stop her from going into a patients’ room, find her book and muffle her screams. If I had been the tour guide I would have kicked them out. Otherwise, it was a nice tour.

Minor home projects today too. Kerry replaced the awful light bar in the guest bathroom with something much more appealing.

bathlightNow, we just need to replace the vanity and the flooring. More to come on that project soon.

In February, my mom’s co-workers threw her a ‘Grandmother Shower,’ and she got some nice books, toys, towels and baby things for her house. And, she got a boat load of clothing for Baby V! Elementary school teachers know how to pick out clothing and our clothing collection has now tripled. Baby V got dresses, onesies, sleepers, pants, socks, the cutest jeans and t-shirts (plus bibs and burp cloths that coordinate). She is going to be well-dressed in the coming months.


I finally finished sewing the curtains I started last week and made another pillow. I need to find some hardware to hold back the curtain tie but almost done.

pillows2Chip’s mom made us the baby blanket on the back of the chair. It is so soft and so pretty!

And, I met up with my mom’s group this weekend and we had a ‘diaper exchange.’ Basically everyone bought a different brand of diapers and we mixed them up so everyone left with all the different brands and now we can see what will work best for us. We have over a 100 diapers now and hopefully one will be our favorite. Scary to think that 100+ diapers will probably only last us a week.

diapersHope everyone had a nice weekend and if it does snow we will post the pictures!

2 Responses to “Winter Storm Warning and other weekend happenings”

  1. Dad March 1, 2009 at 6:46 pm #

    Couples like you discribed should not be allowed a second child because they have not done well with the first one. It is not the childs fault that she has bad parents, but still all of us who travel, shop, eat out or what ever have to suffer their lack of skills.

  2. Dad March 2, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    Forgot to say I love the picture with the built in drink holder……….

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