A trip to the Capitol

22 Feb


Even though I work on ‘the Hill,’ I rarely visit the Capitol but yesterday I had the perfect excuse when Mom and Carol decided to get out of Annapolis, come to DC and wanted to visit the new Capitol Visitors Center so off we went. Just by luck, we arrived just as a tour was starting (last one of the day) so we got to see parts of the Capitol. Mom had not been in the Capitol since we went to see President Ford lying in state and Carol had not been since her 8th grade field trip. Here are a few photos:

capitol3Do you see George?


And, on the House side:

capitolSomehow, after leaving this room- we got crossed with another tour group who was getting a better tour and we ended up seeing the room where the Supreme Court use to meet. Lucky us!

oldsupremeUnfortunately, we were found out after this little detour and had to rejoin our group. If you have not been to the CVC, it is definitely worth the trip. And, another great location in DC that does not cost anything.

As we were leaving, we saw the current Supreme Court.


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