20 Feb

We made it through the work week, recuperated from our trip to Charleston and managed to get a few things checked off our growing to-do list. Here are the highlights:

-We met the other doctor in the practice who could potentially be on call when Baby V decides to arrive. She was nice but if luck is on my side- I would prefer to have my doctor.

-Our car seat was back-ordered on the first site I ordered it from so luckily I found one on another site and it was $3 cheaper. It is currently on our door step. Now we just have to figure out how to install it.

– I picked up a Pack n’ Play. And the nice checkout lady let me use a 15%off coupon that was not even valid.

– We have our maternity hospital tour scheduled for next Saturday.

– When we were at the doctor’s office this week, we scheduled the remaining of our doctor’s appointment. Every week now until she arrives.

– We have an appointment to meet our pediatrician and Baby V has insurance. Well, she almost has insurance because her insurance requires us having a firm commitment to a name and me letting the insurance company know what that name is definitely. We have 30 days after her birth to notify them.

– I managed to completely surprise Mom (and Leigh and I managed to not spill the beans) at her ‘Grandmother’ shower at school. She got some great toys, books and clothes for Baby V from all her fellow teachers. Baby V is going to be one well-dressed little girl.

– We are doing a little furniture shopping this weekend and will hopefully finish up the nursery.

Hope everyone has had a nice week and we will post pictures this weekend!

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