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We are back in DC

16 Feb

We had a great time in Charleston and Kiawah- even though we got a rained on most of the day on Saturday. So with the rainy day- our first stop was to see the Hunley submarine from the Civil War. Kerry and I decided that the first crew of this submarine were definitely adventurous (no good oxygen supply, VERY small space, bad crash/sinking record and a whole list of other things working against them). Here is Kerry in the replica- the crank was the sub’s ‘power’:

sc22Kerry attempted to fit through the porthole. I think that the 9 men crew were all under 5′ 7 and must have weighed 100 pounds. And, no- I did not even attempt to try- I was on photo duty:

sc23Next rainy day stop was Fort Moltrie on Sullivan’s Island (we got a nice view on Fort Sumter too):



To finish off out unofficial military history tour of Charleston (and it was still raining), we opted to tour the USS Yorktown and Patriots Point since most of it was inside. Kerry had never been on an aircraft carrier (his Army experience did not include large boats).


sc34And, he found the Captain’s chair:

sc28On Patriots Point, there was a modern submarine that we walked through. It definitely had more space than the Civil War version but the tight space and hatch doors were not great for me.

sc30After all the walking and touring, we went back to Kiawah and enjoyed a nice Italian Valentine’s Day dinner in a restaurant completely to ourselves.

Sunday we forgot to take pictures when Amy and Dan came to visit! Amy, Dan and I went to Colorado State together and they are currently living in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was great to see them and we are hoping to see them in Denver this summer. We hope their moving plans stay on schedule!

Even though it was VERY windy- I did get a photo of Kerry on the beach.

sc31Today, we just headed back home and now it is sinking in that we have to return to work tomorrow. Only 6 more weeks until Baby V’s official due date!