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We are nerds

10 Feb

And, we both are okay with it. Kerry and I both love history, playing tourist and exploring cities. We even spent our honeymoon touring around Boston (we had already spent a week lounging on the beach at Sanibel). While in Boston, we walked everywhere (with our tour book hidden in my purse), went to historic sites and towns, ate at tucked away places and just really enjoyed the city. And, we are about to go explore another city- Charleston here we come. Here are a few things already on the agenda:

We are taking a tour of the Hunley submarine- used during the Civil War by the Confederates. More history here:


We are taking a cruise around Charleston Harbor and visiting Fort Sumter:

sumter2Also, we will be seeing Amy and Dan (friends of mine from college- Kerry met them a few years ago when we were in Wilmington)! let us know if you have suggestions on restaurants, things to do or places to see!

Oh, and we are staying on Kiawah so hopefully the weather stays nice so we can get some walks on the beach.


Safety Features

10 Feb

We are now the owners of a car seat AND a baby monitor. We have been talking about car seats for months and finally ordered one. You know, you can’t leave the hospital without one. And, after the whole baby dropping incident over the weekend and the fact that in 3 1/2 weeks we will be considered full-term and only 7 1/2 weeks until we hit 40 weeks- we decided it was time to get one. Please allow me to go off subject for a minute- baby ‘gear’ is ugly. The patterns are nothing you would ever want in your house, on your body or in your car. If car seat fabric or furniture was made in these patterns, no one would ever buy a car or a couch. Companies would go bankrupt. My simple question is- why don’t they just come in black or red or blue? I know I should not be buying baby stuff based on color or pattern but should really rely on safety features and ratings (no need to get upset, I have ordered a very safe car seat) but the look of them is awful. Ivory plastic? Ivory plastic with an awful pattern? Yep. That is what we got. We actually ordered a ‘boy’ pattern because the ‘girl’ pattern was horrible and I just could not bring myself to spend the money on it. The ‘boy’ pattern is really not that boyish but I guess because it includes ivory plastic with baby blue, green, ivory and chocolate material it makes it masculine. Here is a picture:

gracoOh, and I did find a black car seat with lime green piping BUT it is on backorder until June. Oh well. I think you could make a fortune designing aesthetically pleasing baby gear that is priced the same as the hideous stuff out there. Here is our new video baby monitor too:

monitorBefore you make fun of the fact that we have a video baby monitor- did you know babies are really loud when they sleep? So if you just have the sound, you would not know if they were awake or just being loud sleepers. And, we think it is cool to have the video.