The Big Dance vs. The Big Day

26 Jan

Everyone who knows us, knows that Kerry is a HUGE sports fan. I always say, ‘if there is a ball on television- Kerry will watch it.’ He is loyal to a few teams (the Vols, the Vikings, the Twins and the Golden Gophers) but really it does not matter because he truly just loves sports and will watch whatever is on. Yesterday, it was Australian Open tennis. Anyway, there has been on-going conversation about will Baby V be here during March Madness or before the Masters? For those of you who do not follow these events and know the dates right off the top of your head- the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament first round starts on March 17, 2009 with the final game on April 6, 2009. The Masters will have the first tee off on April 6th as welland finishes on April 12th. My original due date was April 6th but got pushed a few days back to the 2nd. We started a baby pool so feel free to pick the date you want (and if anyone picks a day after the 6th, we are no longer friends)

Now, for those concerned- the hospital does have DirecTV so no need to worry about missing any of the games. Kerry informs me that DirecTV offers more of the basketball games so all is well.

2 Responses to “The Big Dance vs. The Big Day”

  1. Leigh January 26, 2009 at 4:22 pm #

    The 26th is a lucky date on your side of the family!

  2. Dad January 26, 2009 at 6:57 pm #

    Having a sense of humor…I vote for April 1st……

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