Bad fruit punch and other updates

16 Jan

gdstuffI had my 29 week appointment today (well, officially 29 weeks and one day) and part of the check-up was a gestational diabetes test that involves drinking this bad fruit punch tasting mixture, sitting for an hour and then having blood drawn. I don’t have any of the symptoms of GD but some people don’t always have smptoms so as a pre-caution they give all expecting women the test. My results should be back on Tuesday. While I was at Sibley Hospital for my appointment this morning, I pre-registered so that they have all my insurance and medical information on file for delivery. Kerry and I will be taking a hospital tour and class in February and at the end of February we have our ‘big talk’ appointment with the doctor. We both really like my doctor and one of the best parts is that we never wait more than 5 minutes when we arrive for an appointment. I don’t know how the office keeps such a good schedule but it is so nice to just come in and be seen. It might sound silly but when you go to the office every two weeks it is nice that it does not take a huge chunk out of the day. I had an appointment at 8am this morning and when I arrived at 7:50 he was waiting for me. Also, he is very direct and does not sugar coat things- for example this morning I had a choice of ‘drinks’ for my test and asked what one tasted the best and he looked at me over his glasses and said, ‘they all taste equally bad.’ Now, I picked the fruit punch and it was not horrible but it was nice to be prepared. He is great about answering questions but I have learned that over the past few months to be prepared to get a very direct, sometimes very short medical answer (‘is this going to hurt?’ ‘yes’). But, it is nice to hear from his staff that he is really great to work for and he is who they would want as a doctor, especially in any kind of emergency. And, he was in the Army for several years so Kerry approves.

Other updates for the week:

-It is 11 degrees here today. Just plain cold. We know it is much colder in Minnesota and South Dakota but this is DC and we don’t usually have cold like this.

-We will be spending most of the weekend avoiding Inauguration mayhem. And, avoiding the cold.

-We will be finishing up our guest bathroom remodel plans so Kerry and Jorge can get working on the new floor, vanity and lights so we can update the look (and rid ourselves the stick-down tile linoleum). More to come on this later.

– Baby V is the size of a head of lettuce/cabbage- she weighs over three pounds and is about 17 inches long. Her heartbeat is still 14o beats per minute she is very active (mainly at night). Kerry says I look like I am trying to shoplift a ball out of a store.

-Still have heartburn (thanks for all those that suggested cures). And, as the doctor said today, ‘all the major growth is done- now she is just adding weight and baking.’

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we promise to post pictures soon!

One Response to “Bad fruit punch and other updates”

  1. Erin January 18, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    You should always go with the orange drink πŸ™‚ It is the only one that tastes somewhat similiar to the flavor it claims to be! My doctor was nice and let me take the drink home so we did not have to sit for an hour. Sorry about the heartburn 😦 The only thing that did not give me heartburn was chocolate. Good news is once she comes out it will be gone but then you will have to endure the dreaded hospital food for a couple days! You need to post a belly shot so we can see the ball you are smuggling πŸ™‚


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