The reader base is growing

14 Jan

in very strange ways. The blog is now coming up in searches that include such keywords as port-a-potty, Inauguration, blocked bridges and Inauguration restrooms. And, I even got a comment (that I decided not to approve for posting) from a company that arranges toilets for large events. Great information to have but really, I have no authority over the restroom situation during the Inauguration but I am glad you let me know that the recommended number of restrooms would be 20,000 and they should be cleaned every 8 hours over the entire weekend. This information was sent to me from the official ‘Port-a-Potty Queen.”


One Response to “The reader base is growing”

  1. Dad January 14, 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    May be they should just skip the Porta-Poties and issue a case of Depends to all attending………..

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