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Fire! Fire! Fire!

12 Jan

fireNo one probably cares about this or may think this is entirely too much information but I have had the worst heartburn being pregnant. I have never had heartburn EVER so when it first happened in the middle of the night I thought I was having a heart attack because it hurt so bad. Obviously, when I completely woke-up I came to the logical conclusion that it was heartburn. Wow it hurts. And, it does not matter what I eat- even yogurt causes the burn. My doctor put me on Zantac and antacids and they have helped a little but there is still a daily session of throat burning, seriously uncomfortable moments combined with nausea at really inopportune times (like my morning staff meeting). What caused it, you ask? Water. Yep, water caused the heartburn. I feel ridiculous with my industrial size bottle of Tums on my desk but I guess this is one of the joys of pregnancy. On, the positive side an old wives’ tale about heartburn during pregnancy equates to infants with thick hair has been proven true. So all this suffering may lead to Baby V having more hair than both Kerry and I as infants (not too hard to beat I assure you). We will see if that holds true in about 11 weeks. For right now, I will just go back to fire breathing.