Sneaking in the recliner

10 Jan


Kerry has been wanting a recliner for months and after a suggestion from his physical therapist, he decided that the nursery would be a perfect spot for one. The logic was that if Baby V was having a bad night, ‘we’ could rock her in the recliner and also comfortably fall asleep in the chair if needed. After looking at gliders and rocking chairs for a nursery, I agreed to the recliner plan as long as the recliner did not look like a ‘typical’ recliner. No ugly tweedy fabric or strangely puffed up back allowed. Kerry was on a mission and when we joined Jorge and Gina furniture shopping today, he found the recliner. (This was the only link I could find to the recliner- we purchased at Belfort Furniture). We bought one and Jorge and Gina purchased two. It rocks, reclines, looks really nice and will be arriving at the beginning of February. And, now that the recliner has been strategically snuck into the house- I am assuming Kerry is volunteering for the middle of the night ‘comforting’ sessions with Baby V. Here is a preview:


We had fun furniture shopping today and Gina and I quickly noticed a trend with Jorge and Kerry since they went to every reclining piece of furniture in all the stores.


Kerry found the over-sized dining room chair for all of us to model in:


tandk09I guess the above qualifies as our 28 week picture (28 weeks and 2 days to be exact). Now, we are back at home with a nice fire and watching the football playoffs.

One Response to “Sneaking in the recliner”

  1. Dad January 11, 2009 at 7:13 pm #

    I also think/thought recliners were ugly and would never grace my house. having said this i must admit I spent many a haapy hour sleeping in one at Torey’s grand fathers house, many of those hours involved her sleeping on my chest.

    We now have a recliner in our living room here in SD. It must not look like one because when Torey and Kerry were here in October they did not notice it. this makes it a great recliner. I have enjoyed hours of bliss in it in front of the fireplace.

    I have a feeling your recliner will end up in the living room before all is said and done…….Go for It Kerry……..

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