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We failed to take pictures this week

5 Jan

We have no excuses. We totally failed to take any pictures over the holiday week- no New Year’s Eve pictures, no pictures from dinner with my high school friends on Saturday night, nothing. We promise to take some this week. We both started back to work today and I know I already miss the short, quiet weeks of December. Everyone is back at the office and all the traffic is back to DC. I had gotten very use to my morning drive taking 15 minutes max.

Since we failed to take pictures, I can give you the latest pregnancy stats because I had a doctor’s appointment today and all is well. So far:

-27 weeks, 4 days down- only 87 days (eek!) until my estimated due date of April 2, 2009.

-Blood pressure is perfect (120/54).

-Baby V’s heart rate was 140 BPM and she is not fond of the doppler. The doctor kept having to re-do the heart rate because her kicking kept interrupting the counting.

– I have my gestational diabetes test next Friday and have to pre-register at the hospital.

-Baby V weighs a little over 2 pounds (approximate) and I have gained a little over 13 pounds.

Some random pregnancies observations:

– Strangers have come up to me and tried to touch my stomach. It is weird, intrusive and totally uncomfortable! Luckily, only one random person has succeeded and it was the first time it was attempted so I have become more aware of the signs it is about to happen.

– From the security guard telling me, ‘you put on a few pounds over the holidays,’ to other people telling me, ‘the baby weight is starting to show’- my weight is now up for public discussion. Take note about what you say to pregnant women because ‘you are getting SO big’ is not a compliment. No one would ever make a comment like that to a non-pregnant person!

– I have gotten advice about labor, child rearing, daycare, maternity clothes, pregnancy, baby names, vaccinations and a myriad of other topics from TOTAL strangers in the elevator, at the mall, in Union Station, on the metro and from people without children.

Hope you are laughing! And, hope the start of your 2009 was nice. We are currently under a winter storm watch here in Washington, DC and are hoping for a ‘snow day.’