3 Jan

dadandkathyHappy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Dad is turning 66 today! I found some fun facts about 1943:

How Much things cost in 1943
Average Cost of new house $3,600.00
Average wages per year $2,000.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 15 cents
Average Cost for house rent $40.00 per month
Bottle Coca Cola 5 cents
Average Price for a new car $900.00

Other events:

Great Depression ends in the United States.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C is completed.

The Pentagon is completed.

The 78th Congress started on January 3rd, 1943.

Norman Rockwell’s illustration of Rosie the Riveter first appears on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was President.

Famous things that happened on January 3rd:

1926- The Pontiac was born.

1959- Alaska admitted into Union.

1967- Jack Ruby died.

2000- Last day the Peanuts is published

Also born in 1943: Joe Namath, Sharon Tate, Joan Van Ark, Newt Gingrich, Barry Manilow, Geraldo Rivera, Mick Jagger, Robert De Niro and Chevy Chase.

We hope you have a great birthday!

One Response to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad!”

  1. Dad January 4, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

    I also share this day with Margie and Sophie….now out of my 66 years I have had 34 with Torey and almost 30 with Leigh….which, for the mathematically challenged that means only two years with out kids….or if your not challenged I have had kids for over half my life….and that is not a bad thing considering the ones I have….

    Thanks for the birthday post…..

    Dad and Kathy

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