The power of the internet

19 Dec

We don’t get much traffic on this site. It is designed to keep our faraway family and friends updated on what is going on with us. If you don’t know us, there is really nothing that exciting to read. And, if you do know us- it still may not be that exciting to read! Well, after complaining to numerous people about my lack of cable and internet, my friend Kelley suggested I write a blog post complaining and I would get a response from Comcast. She joked about this being customer service 2.0 in a digital age. I was totally skeptical ((back to my original point that we get little traffic and I am fairly certain none of my friends or family who read this work for Comcast)  but figured it could not hurt to write a small entry and vent about my lack of cable and internet. Then on the post below, within a few hours of my complaining, a representative from Comcast actually commented and asked me to follow up with her (and I did). Then today, I received the following letter:

I am sending this letter to apologize for the problems you have reported to our executive office regarding the rude customer service you were given.  The reps have been identified and will be coached.  I assure you Comcast is dedicated to providing quality customer service.

Once again, we apologize for any issues this has caused you.

Laqueta Mason
Comcast Communications
Northern Virginia

I feel that Comcast has tried to remedy the problem (the cable and internet are back on, they have apologized, we got a credit and got upgraded) and I should let everyone know 🙂 And, Kerry and I are very much enjoying our free HBO.

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