Update: We are back online

18 Dec

Comcast did actually show up for the service call (we have had past bad experience of them not showing up several times in a row) AND guess what? Like we had told the customer service representatives twice on Tuesday and once yesterday, Comcast had disconnected us earlier in the week. It was not a service outage, bad modem, bad HD receiver box, bad wiring or any of the other reasons we were given for our total darkness. They really were supposed to disconnect the people that moved out on Tuesday. And, according to the technician everything is clearly labeled.  So, they made a mistake and admitted it. And, we now have a $42 reduction in our bill and free HBO for an entire year.

One Response to “Update: We are back online”

  1. Dad December 18, 2008 at 5:43 pm #

    You got lucky…I can’t count the number of no shows i had in Maryland with comcast…and of course they always told me they had been to the house and no one was home……….

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