'What happened to you?!?'

12 Dec

That was my favorite quote from my office holiday party last night! I guess several of my co-workers had no idea that I was pregnant. For a little background- I work in our DC office and we outgrew our floor space so they moved part of the office down a few floors. Then in August, we acquired another company who is located out in Virginia. I feel I have seen a lot of the out-of-the-know co-workers on a regular basis and I feel like it is obvious that I am expecting but I guess they are either clueless, not observant, thought I was just putting on a few pounds (there were jokes last night about how it must have been that I got married and ‘let myself go’) or just not up on the office gossip. Highlights from the evening:

My boss sang and has a great voice (besides being the boss he is also in a band)!

barkleyThere was a lot of dancing and singing (the party was at a dueling piano bar).


dancing3And, somehow there was also working going on. Very dedicated editorial staff.


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