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It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

6 Dec

We went to Old Town today to see the Scottish Christmas Walk Parade and it was fun to see (and hear) all the different bagpipe bands. The parade went through the streets of Old Town and there were lots of people (and dogs) out for the festivities.


xmasparade5And, what parade does not have a mini-tank?

xmasparade4We tried to have someone take our picture but she did not have a very steady hand so here is our attempt to take a photo of ourselves.


After running a few errands, purchasing the ‘elf hat’ and getting home in time to watch the SEC Championship Game- Kerry decided it was time to finally use the fireplace. Not sure why we never used it last winter!


And, we got our first official snow! It has already stopped and it barely covered the cars or grass but it was pretty to see it coming down.

firstsnow2008I have spent most of the afternoon and evening baking since Leigh and I are hosting a holiday cookie party tomorrow. Here is a sneak peak of recipes to come:


In between football games, Kerry finished painting the furniture for the nursery. nurseryI am sure there will be more elf hat sightings this holiday season! Hope you have had a nice weekend!