Cool movie

1 Dec

I checked out National Geographic’s In the Womb special from the library (set your DVR- it will be airing on Nat Geo on December 12th at 4am) and we watched it between football games on Sunday. Basically, the film follows a woman through her pregnancy and shows really cool photos and video of her baby. But, one of the fun things we actually learned is that even in the womb, everyone has a dominant hand. So, will Baby V be a lefty like Mom or a righty like Dad? Of course, Mom is hoping for a lefty 🙂 Statistically, when one parent is left handed and the other right handed, the child in 80% of cases will be right handed (that does leave me with a 20% chance AND since my dad is left handed I think the odds may be better). We looked at the ultrasound photos from a few weeks ago and in one picture her left hand is up but in the other picture both hands are by her head so there is really no clear favorite.

Overall, great movie! These two viewers give it two thumbs up.


One Response to “Cool movie”

  1. Dad December 2, 2008 at 12:25 am #

    Not only am I left handed but so was my father and his father…so maybe there is a good chance for Baby V to be a lefty…after all we are the only ones in the right mind…….

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