Christmas decorations, pregnancy update, shopping and a shower

30 Nov

Kerry and I put up the tree this weekend (well, Kerry assembled the tree and I put up all the ornaments and lights) since Leigh and I are having our cookie party next Sunday. We have some lights to hang on the balcony but that is going to have to happen after this rain stops. Otherwise, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas around here.

xmastree1Also, in news about us- I started to look pregnant this week. My friends had told me that I would just wake up one day and not fit into my clothes. Well, I can still wear some of my non-maternity clothes but most have been packed away or loaned to Leigh. And, Leigh was nice enough to bring a few coats that she can no longer wear that will get me through the winter. And for everyone who keeps asking, I have gained 6 pounds.


Mom and I did venture to the mall for Black Friday and we found some fun nursery items at Pottery Barn Kids. Mom discovered the bedskirt on the wrong shelf so we were able to get the bumper, sheets and bedskirt. Unfortunately, I can’t find the pattern online and forgot to take a picture when I was in Annapolis but it is a really pretty quilt pattern. It is a Christmas present so we will have updates on Christmas Day!

Finally, to end very busy weekend, I went with Jessica to get my registry started (and used my new, official last name for the first time) at Babies R Us. My sister and nice friends are planning a January shower so Jessica offered to give her expert advice on what we actually need and will use. It was nice to have her help and her advice on all the stuff because it is a tad overwhelming. While I was out ‘shopping,’ Kerry finished painting two of the three pieces of furniture we are going to keep in the nursery. They are now a nice chocolate brown and should have new handles, knobs and hardware by next weekend. Kerry is really making the room look great!

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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