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Where should we go?

18 Nov

We were supposed to go to Grand Cayman in January for a nice winter getaway but last week our doctor decided it was not a great idea for us to be outside of the United States. He said he was fine with us traveling but would recommend us staying within the continuous 48 states due to my low blood pressure and heart rate. So, we started tossing around places and need your help! Kerry is now calling this our ‘baby-moon.’ We only have a few requirements- driving distance is less than 8 hours or flying time is less than 3 hours, there is ‘touristy’ and good sight-seeing stuff to do, good food, the weather not being arctic in late January early February¬† and preferably somewhere we have not been in the last 5 years. The following places have already been ruled out: Boston, Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Hawaii, San Diego (so sad about this one), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle (sorry Kelley) or Denver.