Ultrasound pictures and a new family member!

17 Nov

It is very cool to see the ultrasound pictures and since we have had several already (I think this was #8 today), it has been fun to see her grow. I even got to see an extreme case of the hiccups last week. But, today was definitely the best one because we found out that she is perfectly healthy. Here are a few pictures:


And, we did see arms, hands, legs and feet. Here is a foot (I am starting to feel movement):


Kerry has decided that she is not allowed to date until she is 30 and after sending out an email to friends and family this morning- we got lots of advice, name suggestions, congrats and questions. I think the top name suggestion has been Jorgina (compliments of Jorge, in honor of him and Gina) followed closely by Chris’s Nordic name theme that includes Xena, Torchild and Turid. Kerry’s cousin Todd assured us that the 9 boy second cousins would be around to protect her (she is totally outnumbered on Kerry’s side of the family). Also, two of my high school friends asked if Kerry had started the St. Tim’s fund.

And, in other exciting news- my cousin David and his wife Randall welcomed a new girl to my side of the family- Lilli was born earlier this week. Congrats to James on becoming a big brother! We look forward to their weekly blog updates.with_mom-1-rk


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