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We voted today (and we got an 18 week picture)

4 Nov

Kerry and I ventured to the polls early this morning and were shocked to see the line wrap completely around the elementary school. We did wait for a considerable amount of time but they were very organized AND it was cool to see so many people voting. There was a women behind me in line who just became a citizen and was so excited to be able to vote. This was the line at the back of the school:


Here is us at 18 weeks (well, 18 weeks and 2 days to be exact.) Still in my normal clothes!


Halloween fun with my book club

4 Nov

My friend Sandy started a book club earlier in the year and it has been a lot of fun. It is a good mix of people but mostly everyone is either working in the media or politics so often we get off the topic of the book. Over the weekend, Sandy hosted a surprise birthday party/Halloween party for Becky and she was totally surprised. Sandy spent part of her day on Friday cutting out the ‘Becky Masks.’


However, the main entertainment for the party became the game, ‘Rock Band.’ you had the option of singing, guitar or the drums. I don’t think anyone made it off the ‘easy’ songs but there was some serious determination and concentration. Amanda became the front runner early and mastered all the instruments.



I am sure this game is targeted to a much different (and probably younger) demographic but we could have been a commercial because of the level of interest and enthusiasm. I still had Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin,’ in my head the next morning.