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Off to Millwood, Virginia

20 Oct

It was a football free (well, almost) Saturday at our house this weekend. It was so nice out so we decided to head to Millwood, Virginia for the Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival. It was too windy for the balloons but we still had a great time with Chris, Brad, Rebecca, Wendy, Jon, Kristyn, Eric and Adam. The highlight for the boys was definitely the lawn mower racing. These lawn mowers were ‘modified’ and could definitely go faster than your normal John Deere.

Kerry discovered the world’s largest mobile grill. The Johnsonville Company had several grills attached to a 18-wheeler and the food was delicious.

And, I learned something new today about Kerry. The first car he ever owned was a 1976 Cutlass Supreme in dark red. Part of the festival was dedicated to classic cars and we found one just like his (only this one was bright red). I guarantee this car did not get good gas mileage.

The inside is even cooler 🙂

Everyone but me got to taste the Virginia wines- the consensus was that the white wines were much better than the red wines. Kerry and Chris who adamantly proclaimed that they do not like wine, even found one or two that they found acceptable.

It was a really fun day and we are definitely going to keep it on our calendar for next year. And, here is us at 16 weeks.