we went to South Dakota…

9 Oct

We left on October 1st for Rapid City, South Dakota. Torey’s dad and Kathy live in Lead (about an hour from Rapid City). We had not told them the ‘big news’ and surprised Dad at the airport with the news he was going to be a grandfather. His response was, ‘Cool!’ We both think he was a little shocked 🙂 So we spent 5 days touring around western South Dakota and also went to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. I think one of the highlights for Kerry was the ATV in the garage. There are actually two ATVs but I decided not to partake in riding them because my doctor’s voice was in m head saying, ‘no bicycle riding, no horseback riding, nothing that you normally don’t do….’ But, Kerry and Dad had a great time touring around town and on the trails. It was nice to see Dad and Kathy and we really enjoyed our visit!

Kerry thinks he is ‘King of the Hill’

Kerry and Dad taking out the ATVs

Our trip to Mount Rushmore

One Response to “we went to South Dakota…”

  1. Dad October 20, 2008 at 4:27 pm #

    Dad, me, was surprised to say the least…but Kathy and I are truly excited for T&K and at the prospect of having a grandchild….one we can wind up and than leave the parents to deal with………….

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